How do the American and Indian University experiences compare?  

One way of looking at it is simply the process and years it takes to finally reach graduation and be considered knowledgable in one or two areas of study.

The Indian University system is based on the British system and Europeans have always done their education a bit differently than their American counterparts.  In India, they have the “10 + 2 + 3” system of educational matriculation. Wherea the American system might be characterized as “12 + 4” for the 12 years of primary and secondary/high school plus four years of college, the Indian system is a “10 + 2 + 3” matriculation with 10 years of primary/secondary followed by two years of what we might term “pre-requisites or junior college” plus three years of intensive study on one focus (“major” of University study).  

American system:  12 + 4 years of college

Indian system:  10 + 2 (pre-reqs) + 3 years of focused University study


As of this academic year, which India is in the middle of after having started in June, 54 (!!!) Covenant Children’s Homes students are in the following years of their journey through University:

19:  CCH students in the Pre-requisite stage of college.

16:  CCH students in the first year of intensive study of which some focuses are mechanical and electrical engineering, medical and pharmacy.

19:  CCH students in their second year of intensive study.

With 23 more CCH students starting the college track next year, we are very much in need of sponsors who can support the academic achievements of these children who no one could have predicted would be on the road to such personal and professional possibilities.

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Thank you for considering joining CCH in a College Sponsorship capacity.  The following are the options we hope you decide to choose from:

$125/monthFull tuition and living expenses for one student for one year

$75/monthFull tuition for one student for one year 

$30/monthSupplemental supplies, books and necessities

Special giftsEqual to one student sponsored for an entire academic year ($1,500)

Thank you for helping our CCH college students fulfill their God-given purpose in college and beyond! Learn more info about CCH College Sponsorship Month here
College Sponsorship Month

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