From the time a child is five years old, someone is always asking, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Maybe you answered “a rockstar” or “a princess,” but you really didn’t know. As you get older, that pressure intensifies. “An accountant.” “A surgeon.” By the time a person is in college, they still may not know. Students must select a major, but how do they know if they’ll be satisfied with their choice or even get a job?

College is an exciting time of growth and discovery, but often the pressure of making the right choice or making our families proud is overwhelming.T. Marthamma,

What happens when we remove the pressure and give students the freedom to make their own decisions? When it comes to CCH students, they pray. Then, they wait to hear the small, still voice of God. These students have been raised to understand the significance of a vocation. The idea is that what you do for a living can be a calling from God. He’s made you a certain way and given you specific talents, opportunities and inclinations for a reason. This isn’t included in the average education in India, but CCH students know their purpose in life is far beyond themselves.

Because of this, CCH kids are excited for their futures. They aren’t only drawn to being surgeons or engineers, but artists, worship leaders, and camp counsellors. They know their purpose, and thanks to their rich community in Christ, can run with it.