We recently had a team visit CCH from Oral Roberts University who helped with camp this year, but they also traveled to some of the villages where our homes are! They spent Sunday mornings worshipping at some of the churches that house our children.


ORU team member Essence wrote about their first morning at CCH church:

On May 21st, we went to our first church service while here in Ongole, India. It was in a small village and in a small building. But, that didn’t matter. Even through the language barrier when worshipping, speaking, or praying, God was still there and we all could feel that.

When we first arrived, worship was going on. We took our shoes off before stepping inside as a sign of respect and joined. The worship was so passionate and full of joy. In between songs, the pastor would get up and speak or pray. During one of those moments another person got up to pray and that prayer was so passionate and strong that it could be felt even by the team and I. God was in that moment and was moving.

After worship, it was time for a selected few of our members to speak: Alex, Samantha, Jamie, and Haley. (We had a translator to help us.) Alex introduced all of us as a team and those who would be speaking. Samantha and Jamie were the first to speak and they each gave a testimony. Both were genuine and from the heart which made them immensely powerful. Then, Haley gave a sermon. She spoke on pain and read from Habakkuk. The message was so relevant to the people there that I’m sure it made a definite impact. After Haley’s sermon, Alex thanked the people for allowing us to come and closed it out in prayer.

The church service continued though with more worship and prayer for another 15 minutes or so before officially ending. Before we left, the church fed us and we, as a team, prayed for the pastor, his wife, and his daughter and son. It was such an amazing experience to be a part of a church service here in India and to truly understand that besides the language difference, they serve the same God we do.

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