Hume Lake Christian Camps serves thousands of children each year at their summer camps for all ages.  Here the gospel is shared, games are played, friendships are made, and lives are changed.  Forever.  My best friend Marci’s parents have worked at Hume Lake for almost 3 decades and I have gotten to experience this amazing camp through them!

Now we are in India and Hume Lake is a bit more than a drive away and we have 200 children who have never been to camp or experienced anything remotely close to this summertime must.  For these children of CCH who have never been to camp, this is their chance!  
So, the CCH staff is bringing Summer Camp to India!  We are so excited to serve these children and their families in this way.  We will bring to them an amazing camp experience, like the many you and I have experienced in our past!

These boys need to get out and run around and play some games.  When told about summer camp these boys asked if we get to play cricket!  “Of course”, we said, “It’s India!  What would camp be without a cricket tournament!”  They will also learn about playing the drums and the piano!

These girls LOVE painting and drawing!  We are bringing in an artist to teach them technique so they can express themselves through their art.  We will also have relay races and play badminton!  

In order for all this to happen, we need your help! 

We need each of these children to be sponsored before May.  The cost for 3 days and 2 nights of camp is $55 per child.  That includes transportation, food, lodging, camp supplies, and staff!  Thank you for helping!  

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