“Camp was a memorable experience being there at the camp, joy filled my heart.”

Sruthi learning to take a picture – May 2012
Sruthi taking her first picture – May 2012

“Daily praying in the morning studying the bible and starting the day with worshipping the Lord.  We were learning new songs and also some action songs.  In the workshops I learned to play keyboard, drums, to paint and to take pictures. I have enjoyed a lot.”

Sruthi in orange
Sruthi’s group when she was a councilor at camp – Oct 2012

“In the 2nd Camp I was selected as a leader for CCH.  I have learned some things from the young kids being a leader.  I had to teach the kids what I have learned by observing them and to teach them how to be responsible.  I had to learn how to love the children, how to interact with them and also new things they can’t understand without reacting to their strange questions humbly answering their doubts and what we are taught in the leadership training.  I will implement these new things learned in the next summer camp this May.”

– Sruthi, 5th Grade, Narsimgolu CCH Home



We have 400 children who would love to experience camp this year.  So far $,1000 has been donated!  We are excited about what God is going to do through this campaign this month!  Share your camp stories with us in the comments!  It is only $50 to send a child to camp for 4 days.  All expenses are covered – food, transportation, accommodation, and all camp supplies!  Bring joy this spring by sending a child to camp!

Send a Child to Camp

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