In the whirlwind of growing up, going to college, landing your first internship, first job, first apartment… it’s all too easy to get caught up in your own life instead of reaching out to others. What if impacting the world was simpler than you thought?

Within the past year, CCH has found a new way to change the world, a little each day through an organization called Harness. 

The model of Harness is simple and significant: your change is rounded up on purchases you make, and that change is automatically donated to CCH! You’re able to choose a maximum monthly amount starting at $10. The process is easy:

  • Donors link their credit or debit card to track their change
  • Spare change is instantly collected every time they make a purchase
  • Donors can customize the amount they give to ensure they’re always comfortable

Every donation makes a difference, provides growth and new opportunities for our CCH kids. 

Join us here, and see the change.

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