Somavaram was opened in 2011.

It is located in the Krishna District.

Home Update:

All of the girls are studying hard and doing well on their exams in school. The older girls have been role models to the younger girls and desire to be part of the CCH leadership program and help the children at summer camp. The girls are actively participating in worship services and are growing in the Lord.

General Sponsorship:

Somavaram is already SPONSORED for their schooling and food by New Bridge Community Church.

Supplemental Sponsorship:

Supporting the education of the children with school resources (backpacks, required uniforms, school shoes, supplies – $50/child) or giving them the joy of a Christmas gift (often their first ever “gift” – $25/child) or sending them to the Covenant Children’s Homes summer camp ($50/child) experience are all considered “supplemental” ways to give and not covered in the basic home sponsorship.  These girls are NOT SPONSORED for these things.  If you are interested, click on the respective links above.

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