We are blessed to have another World Race Team working with CCH.

Team Thriven – Feb. 2013

Team Thriven: Ryan Mindling, Ryan Graydon, Jochem Veldhuijzen, Natasha Paschal, Sarah Miller, Chelsea Dana, and Teresa Schellhause (not in any order)

NTR Colony – before painting

They are our first WRT to travel to our CCH homes outside of Prakasam (ICM and CCH headquarters).  They are loving on our CCH kids that live in Kudapah and Anantapur!  This team is visiting 4 homes for 4 days each.  They are painting the front of the home during the day while the kids are at school and playing with the kids when they get home.

When teams come, and do manual labor for us, it saves us so much money.  But more importantly, when they paint the homes, they are loving the CCH children, the pastor and his family, as well as the whole church community.  It gives the CCH home a sense of dignity and pride.

NTR Colony – after painting

Look at these pictures, before and after, of one CCH home that another team painted in October 2012.

The difference is remarkable and we are so thankful that Team Thriven is currently doing this to 4 more of our CCH homes.  Here is a quote from an email that I got from their team leader.

“We fell in love with the boys at the first home in Komalapuram and we were sad to leave them!!  But we are excited for what this new village will bring and to love on these kids with the love of Christ as well!”

We will have more pictures of the homes that they are painting next week and we will share them with you!  If you are interested in coming to paint, click this link: Come Experience

Or if you are interested in sending funds to paint a home ($400), click this link: Paint a Home


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