In the midst of distributing school bags, supplies, socks and shoes, and uniforms we are opening 20 new homes and welcoming 200 new children to CCH!  We want to introduce you to some of the new faces of CCH!

Here is Manisha from Verdicherla!  Currently there are 6 girls in this home and the home will have 10 by the end of this month.  The pastor of this home has 4 children of his own.  2 boys and 2 girls.  The oldest boy is away at school but the three younger ones live at home!  It is a full house with all 13 kids!!

These boys are in the Siddisamudram home.  This home is located in the middle of fields.  There are 60 homes in this village, which makes it a pretty small village.  These boys are being bused to the best school in the area which is only 8 km from the home.  They will take an auto rickshaw everyday because buses don’t travel on the roads to this village.

This is Rajesh and he is from Peddavaram.  This home is near 4 other of our current homes.  Each of these 4 villages has the same city center.  We will be doing a 2nd Saturday gathering of all these children.  They will be really good friends!  Love this guy’s smile!  He is so sweet!

These are the Thimmalagiri boys!  Most of our church homes have two stories, with the kids on the bottom and the church on the top.  This home is two one-story buildings on a large plot of land.  They will have many evening cricket matches!  We are praying for 3 more boys for this home by the end of this month.

This is a little guy from Vallala.  When we visited this home a few months back, there was an amazing sunset behind the house.  There are fields of grass all the way to the horizon.  Paramesh has never been to school before and he is very excited to have this opportunity.

This is Nane from Vepalamadaram.  I just wanted to add him because he was too cute not to add!

We thank you for the support of the current 200 children and we look forward to you knowing and loving the new 200 children.

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