What do you remember from your life before coming to the CCH home?
My name is Merry Babu I am studying 7th class this year.  Before I come to CCH home I use to worry about my life that who is going to help and who is going to provide my all things.  I never go to the school and I always use to just be in streets, just playing and thinking very bad about who I will be.  It’s very difficult to live in this world so I feel want to run away somewhere.  But I don’t know where.  I was full of confusion.
What is the best part about living in a CCH home?
I come CCH home through the church pastor.  When I come CCH home I see other children and I feel much better.  When I was praying God told me, “Be bold I am with you”. As soon as I heard that voice I feel want to dance for God.  Then I praise him a lot. 

If you were going to describe God to your class, what three words would you use to describe?
  • Be happy for God is with you.
  • Don’t worry, God loves you so much.
  • If you able to help you should help with whatever you have.
In ten years, how old will you be? What do you want your life to be like at that time?        
Now I am having a 12 years old.  In ten years come I will be 22 years.  When I was having 22 years I like to work as pastor in CCH home. And I want to help CCH children.

Recently someone sent tractors for these boys.  They have never played with cars like this so they were very happy!

Merry Babu received the highest scores in his 6th grade class.  He is understanding and speaking English very well.  In this picture, he is with his classmate, as well as CCH brother, Anil.  They are really good friends.

At camp worshipping:  Merry Babu knows how much God loves him and it shows in His worship.

The most recent picture of the boys last Saturday receiving their new school shoes!  
They were so excited and thankful for them!  
Thanks for all who donated!  

Last week Merry Babu had a huge boil on his neck.  We had to take him to the hospital to drain it.  He had never been in surgery before and he was scared.  The pastor, one of our staff members and myself were there and we got to spend time praying with him before the surgery.  When he came out of the surgery, he had tears in his eyes, and he told me, in perfect English, “I have no mom and no dad.  I am thankful God has given me CCH.”  We hugged and cried together.  It was a special moment.  He is recovering really well!

Praise the Lord for little ones who know how much God loves them!  Praise the Lord for all of you who make it possible for us to be here to love on these kids the way God wants them to be loved!

-Merry Babu’s father died of TB and his mother committed suicide.

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