Jyothi in 2010

CCH children have lost at least one parent.  They have grown up in an environment where there are no dreams and no expectations for them except to do the work that their parents have done and that their parents parents have done.  And all of the work is labor work for $5-$6 per day.

Jyothi in 2011







When we get the children between the ages of 6 – 9, we get to speak life into them. We get to teach them how to dream. We get to teach them that they are worthy of amazing love. We get the privilege of restoring their dignity.  We are beginning to see the changes in the children’s faces.  Our staff reports each month that the children are laughing and playing and studying and growing and are truly experiencing joy!

Getting them bunk beds and mattresses is just one more step of speaking into their lives that they are special and they are worthy of the best!

You can help!  This is my 35th birthday campaign!

If you know me and love cute kids, help us reach our goal!  We have 33 more days!

35 years old trying to raise $3,500 in 35 days to get 70 CCH children off the ground

and into bunk beds with mattresses!

In 2 days we have $105!  Only $3,395 to go!

Click the link below to donate!

Mats to Mattresses

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