This picture would have been perfect for yesterday’s post…too bad I didn’t find it until today.

Gramps birthday around 1989


This is a cake my Grams made and it was my Gramps birthday.  I think I am about 11 in this picture.  Do you like my Little House on the Prairie Dress? My grandparents were two of the best people who helped shape me into who I am today.  I am so thankful for them!

CCH Christmas Cake 2012







Here is another picture of a cake – this cake is from India and it is a Christmas Cake.  We tried to have a “Santa-Free” Christmas but he sneaked onto our cake.  Last year he was on the banner and I was able to catch that this year.  We will see how he comes into our Christmas next year!

Cakes are synonymous with celebrations.  Especially here in India!  They love their cake.  When they cut the cake, it is a ritual every time to feed a piece to the cake to the special guest or the birthday person.  Just like most people do at their weddings, here it is in every cake cutting ceremony.

Our Special Guest, Diamond, feeding me cake

So, yesterday, Sean and I had a couple of our older CCH children on stage with us and we fed them and then they fed us a piece of cake.   It was a special and fun time.  Sean and I did not have a cake or cake cutting at our wedding and we are making up for whatever we missed out on that day!  Tonight we head to another Christmas party and we will undoubtably be fed cake and do some feeding of cake.  It will great to be in a CCH home tonight celebrating Christmas village style!

For my birthday this year I will probably have a cake (even though I don’t love them) and go to one of our homes and celebrate!

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Mats to Mattresses


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