Well, as you know, yesterday we met our first goal of $3,500 for 70 children to get off the mats on the ground into bunk beds with mattresses.  The campaign was so amazing!  Thanks again to all who participated!

Two of my friends in the Mother’s Group who helped make the pillow cases

As I was thinking of how we could finish this campaign strong, I thought about pillows.  The most logical piece of bedding after the bed is giving a pillow!  Last year, through a Mother’s Group in Kansas City, we were able to get pillows and pillow cases for the 200 children at the time.  Not only were they pillow cases but these cases had the children’s name on them.  These women spent hours upon hours puffy painting and writing each child’s name on the pillow case.  It was an amazing gift of love for our children.

Satesh receiving his pillow
Satesh receiving his pillow




So, 200 of our current 400 children have bunk beds, mattresses, and pillows.  We were able to give them their pillows at camp May 2012 and it was such a special time.  We have 200 more children who have bunk beds and mattresses but they don’t have pillows yet.

Punukula girls getting their pillows
Punukula girls getting their pillows


The Mother’s Group in Kansas has thought about doing pillow cases again for the new 200 children.  Wouldn’t it be great if they made the pillow cases for the children, with their names on them and you and I can give the gift of the pillow?  That is such great team work!  Each pillow is $6.  We need 200 pillows.  The total would $1,200.  Do you think we can do it in one week?  We only have 7 days until my birthday!  If 34 people gave $35 we would have it covered.  I think I still have 34 friends out there interested in giving these kids a pillow!


Our new goal: $1,200 in 7 days to give 200 children personalized pillows and pillow cases!  We can do it!  To donate click the link below.

Mats to Mattresses and Beyond


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