photoWe are in India! My new team and I are working with CCH (Covenant Children’s Homes) this month.  These are church homes in many villages with a local pastor and his wife living there.  They take 5 to 10 children into their home, feed them, send them to private school, and teach them about Jesus.  We have the opportunity as a team to travel to these homes in different villages to meet them, eat with them, and pray for them. Most days look the same. We leave around noon to travel to the home, then we go out to pray for people in the village until the children come home from school, then we sing, dance, and share a Bible story before we eat dinner. After eating amazing Indian food, we gather around and pray for the kids, the pastor and wife, and whomever else comes that needs prayer.

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It has been an honor to pray for people who want prayer and who believe the Lord can heal them. We get excited as a team to pray for them and hope to see God work to heal the people we pray for.  We have been with this ministry for over a week now and we have prayed for a lot of people. It has grown my walk with God tremendously because their faith for believing a miracle is going to happen has increased my faith.

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The other night as we were waiting for dinner to be brought out, the team was talking about the day and how energetic the kids were. The pastor’s brother and one of the kids walked in with an older lady and asked if we could pray for her.  She was blind because of diabetes.  We all got up ready to see God move in this women’s life.  We covered our heads with our scarves and we started to pray for this woman. We prayed for healing, for faith that she will be healed, that God will bless her with sight in the last of her days. She was so precious, praying with us and believing God will heal her.  We ended our prayers for her, watched her face for any change, and asked the pastor’s brother how she felt.  She told him that she can see light, so she can see the figures of bodies, but her sight was still not fully restored. We prayed again, thanking God for the light He had placed in her eyes and that He would continue to heal this woman and her eyes.  We ended the prayer and her eyesight hadn’t changed.  We were hoping they would be healed so we could see God’s healing and that this village could witness one of their own members be healed by the power of God.  So once again, we prayed to bless her life and that God will continue to heal her.

As we were praying to bless this woman, I had a vision.  I saw the way she saw, with just the light and the silhouette of my team standing around her praying for her.  Then I saw someone else praying and my vision was as if I just woke up in the morning, blurry but waiting for them to clear up. Then a group of people was praying again and my eyes were crystal clear and I could see everything.  So even though we did not see this lady healed completely tonight, I know and I believe God will continue to heal her.


This has been our theme for the past week. We have prayed for so many people expecting to see God healing hurting knees and backs, barren wombs, and so much more, but we have not seen a physical healing like we’ve been hoping for.  Our flesh becomes discouraged after we pray over and over but see nothing with our physical eyes. God is the ultimate healer, and His timing is perfect.  We might not have seen anyone physically healed immediately during or after we’ve prayed, but I know we planted the seed for God to start moving in their hearts. It can be discouraging to not see the person with bad knees healed or the blind woman’s sight restored. I don’t want those people to be in pain. I want them to be healed and to be touched by the Holy Spirit.

During this one week, I have learned so much about prayer and the power of God. He’s got the power to heal everyone we pray for, but when healing doesn’t happen right away we must still have the faith and believe that God is our Healer.  We must continue to pray for people to be healed even when we are discouraged and lack the faith that God will heal them because we don’t want to miss an opportunity where God wants to heal a person.

-Liz Caddell

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