IMG_1532All over Facebook right now people are writing, for 30 days, what they have to be thankful for.  It is good to look at what we have and find things in day to day life that we can express thanks for – this is a discipline we should carry on throughout the year and not just at Thanksgiving time.

This attitude is something that we are working at instilling in each of the CCH kids.  They come from not having much at all and through CCH are given so much and they know how to express their thankfulness.  When we ask them what they want to be when they grow up, they will say something like – “I want to be a teacher (doctor, government worker), so I can help kids like me.”  Click here to see a testimony.  They want to give back what they have been given.

As you reflect on the things you have been given, we would like to challenge you to be thankful for the opportunity to give.  The opportunity to give a Christmas gift to one of our CCH kids.


As CCH prepares to Celebrate Christmas Cheerfully (our theme for Christmas this year), we hope that you can be included in our celebration.  We have 545 CCH children who will be receiving a Christmas gift this year.  Many of our children’s homes are sponsored and their sponsors are donating money for their home’s Christmas gifts.  We also have a few churches sponsoring CCH children for their Christmas gifts.  And we have a couple organizations giving for our children to have a great Christmas.  This leaves us with 200 children to get sponsors for…

We started on Monday with the Facebook Campaign needing to get 200 kids sponsored.

Day 3: $375 raised to sponsor 15 children.

Still Need:: $4,625 for 185 children.

How will you show your thankfulness?  Think about sponsoring a CCH kid for their Christmas gift.  Click this link of you want to sponsor a child for their Christmas gift.

Here is a video we made of our CCH children receiving their first wrapped Christmas gift with their name on the tag.  It is so precious!

Christmas Gifts 2011 from Covenant Children’s Homes on Vimeo.


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