CCH is celebrating our 10th birthday this year…help us celebrate by donating your birthday to CCH!

10 years

2018 is CCH’s 10th year, and the celebration is lasting the whole year! We’d like to invite you to consider helping us celebrate our birthday by donating your birthday to CCH this year.

We’re looking for individuals who would be willing to host a virtual CCH birthday fundraiser for CCH the week of your birthday! We’ll create a custom fundraising page for you that would look something like our friend Abby’s 30th birthday CCH fundraiser:

Abby bday

We can pick an aspect of CCH’s work that is especially important to you to raise funds for. Maybe it’s your 25th birthday and you want to ask people to donate $25. Or, if it’s your 55th birthday, maybe your goal could be to get 55 $10 gifts! There’s lots of creative ways to approach this, and we want it to be fun for you! After all, birthdays are about fun and celebration!

If you have a birthday coming up and you’re interested in hosting a CCH birthday fundraiser, please email us at with your birthday information and we’ll be in touch to talk more!

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