This month my team and I are traveling to several different children’s homes.  We are working with an organization called Covenant Children’s Homes.  The children that are placed in these homes are either orphans or have lost one parent. There are ten children at each home that live with a Pastor and his wife.

We spent five days at the Marturu boy’s home.  The boys were so serving and always up for dancing with us. We ended up teaching them the Macarena. A little boy named Samuel (age 7) would randomly spit out “Ayy Macarena!” throughout the day. He always brought a smile to my face.

We were able to spend Sunday church service at this home. Children’s church was one of the most energetic things I have experienced. The children were constantly jumping up and down to every song.  They also loved it when we told the story of Jericho and had them reenact it. One of my favorite parts of the adult service was when little Samuel led a worship song. He stood there with the mic in his hands that was just as big as his arm and sang with no fear.



As you can tell one of my favorites was little Samuel.  If you have ever seen Simon Birch, he is the Indian version of that. I loved eating meals with the kids because they would always prayer out loud before eating. Then they would dig in, literally with their hand, and eat five times more rice than I could.

One night we had the boys go around and tell us a little about themselves.  Many of the children had only one parent or was an orphan. Also, they have only been at CCH for about three or so years.  Most of them testified to being badly behaved before arriving to CCH, but now they are disciplined and getting good grades. My favorite question to ask was, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I was surprised to hear that most of them wanted to be pastors. Actually many of them attested to never knowing Christ until coming to CCH.  I ended up asking one of the boys what his favorite thing about CCH was and he simply said, “Church”.

Besides loving on the children, we also helped build a fence around the property.  It was hard work weeding, digging, and posting these fences, but the place looked so much homier afterwards.  Also, I know that the children felt important having us build them a fence.


-By Bethany Bernard

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