India is filled with beautiful people, high pitch singing, and a crazy culture. It certainly is the most unique culture I’ve experience in our 11 months of traveling.  Some of that uniqueness drives me nuts, and some of it teaches me incredible humility.




This past week we have been living in a girls home in Ponduru. On our way, driving through the bumpy roads alongside the vast tobacco fields, I prepared my tired heart to serve and love in another home. Funny thing about India, my team sets out to serve, and ends up being served so much more in return.


We are cooked for, cleaned for, loved on. Adjustments are made to the food so it’s not too spicy for us Americans. The girls avoid using their own bathroom so that it’s cleaner for my team to use. A 16 year old Isaac sacrifices his month to come be our translator and work hard building fences with us. The pastor’s baby is terrified of Americans and spends every second crying and hiding. Hours are spent driving on unpaved roads to transport my team from here to there all month. Do you want tea or coffee? Egg fried or boiled? Do you want more or less? Never wash your own dish sister! Serve, serve, serve. It’s what these people do.


One moment spoke a thousand words to my heart. The pastor’s wife was sweeping the floor in her home. I started to unscrew the lid on the water jug to fill up my bottle…something I’m perfectly capable of doing. But she immediately drops her broom to the ground and rushes to pour my water for me. For a moment it made me feel ashamed, but then I smiled thinking of that woman’s heart. Such a servant’s heart. So much humility. Complete purity.

That’s been an unending pattern here in India. Serve others always. Such an example of Christ. These people amaze me.

– Kathryn Chinn


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