There are 20 million street children in India.

Over 59 million children in India have no access to school.

There are 11 million abandoned children in India, with 90% of them being girls.

One out of every two children between the ages of 6 and 14 has no access to primary education.

Women make up two-thirds of the illiterate population between 15 and 24.

It’s easy to read these numbers and feel overwhelmed. It can be difficult to comprehend such a large-scale problem, and even once you begin to, it can leave you breathless and unsure how you can make a dent in a culturally-created problem such as this. This isn’t a system that will be changed overnight. It’s going to take time, prayer, and effort to change such a deep-seeded issue. In the words of Mother Teresa “Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time…”

Let’s focus on the change that happens when you help educate an Indian girl:

Finances: For every additional year of primary school (school children attend from ages 6 to 15), a girl’s future wage increases by 10 to 20 percent. For every additional year of secondary school (attended by children ages 14 to 17, similar to USA high school), a girl’s future wage increases by 15 to 25 percent. Attending college can provide wages that are significantly higher yet! And — maybe one day these girls, who are becoming doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc., will become sponsors of other Indian girls within CCH so that they will have the same opportunities when they grow up.

Health: Because these girls have higher-paying jobs and overall better job opportunities, they’re able to be saved from the lifestyle of prostitution. Prostitution it is often the only way for a girl to make money for her family when she is without education. Some girls become mothers at a very young age and turn to prostitution or forms of difficult physical labor to make money so that she can provide for her own children. Prostitution in itself puts girls at risk for life-impacting diseases such as HIV/AIDS. An Indian girl’s life expectancy and quality goes up incredibly because of her ability to access better healthcare, make educated decisions, and live in cleaner, safer conditions.

Her future family: Girls with educations are 50% more likely to have their children live past 5 years old. The more education an Indian girl receives, the later she marries and begins to have her own children. Her family is going to be healthier and overall better taken care of, Educated women are going to be able to provide education for their children, which will be a generational domino effect when it comes to girls.


These same life-changing improvements will happen to every single girl who receives an education. An educated girl impacts not only her own life, but her families lives, her village/city, and even the future of India!
At CCH, we see potential in all of our girls and place high expectations on each one of them. We invest into all of their lives, meaning that we send them to English schools where they work hard so that they can get into college, which CCH pays for entirely.

We would love for you to be involved with our college scholarship program — Prayerfully consider making a one-time donation or becoming a monthly sponsor of one of our girl’s education! Here’s the breakdown of our needs:
$125 covers a girl’s college education for a month.
$1500 covers a girl’s college education for the entire year.
This month we’re aiming to raise $5000 – which every donation helps us get closer to!

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*Statistics retrieved from UNICEF

Also: here are some more of our amazing girls 🙂

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