This World Race Team was here in November and here is the last blog that one of the team members wrote.


The first night we were at the home we painted with water colors with the girls, danced around the room, and played with play dough. Let me tell you, these kids are smart! One of the older girls made me a pair of kidneys out of the play dough, and made me feel a little silly because I made a caterpillar. They are all so cute it’s hard not to have a sore mouth from smiling all the time right back at them. The room that they stay in was very cute too with all of their personal things neatly organized. This home is one of the fortunate ones that have a sponsor so that means that they get furniture and other cool things. After seeing sponsored and non-sponsored homes I can tell you it definitely makes an amazing difference.

New Fence around the Bor Well!

I have to admit that I was a little more excited for this house than the others because I knew the pastor’s wife was a good cook, since she had cooked for us on second Saturday. I can tell you now that if you are worried about trying Indian food because of the spices and loss of feeling in your lips you have nothing to fear in this home! Haha. The pastor’s wife is an excellent cook and knows how to add just the right amount of spice to the food. She thought it was so funny that I told her that her curry gave me strength to work hard at building the fence. We were able to finish the fence in one day since the property was small, and I have to say it definitely looks better blocking the lot of stinky water next door.

The new fence and the front of the church

After we finished the fence we were lucky to be able to spend more time with the girls and the pastor’s family. Just by simply sitting with the pastor and his wife for a while it becomes clear how well they take care of the girls there and how much they love them. They have such a beautiful servant’s heart towards us as guests and the girls. I know the girls are blessed by such awesome people. The joy and love of Jesus radiates from this home.

I’m very thankful for the opportunity to go out and serve in the villages of India at these CCH homes. It is a really special moment to experience how the locals simply live life, and be able to love on some sweet kids at the same time.

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