Most of us know that once Spring is here, the kids are thinking about school ending.

Mangos at camp taste amazing! – May 2012


It is no different for our kids in India, and it happens a month earlier here.  Our kids finish school the last week of April and then begin again the first/second week of June.  It is about a 6 week break for the children and a very busy time for CCH staff and volunteers.

We have two upcoming one month long campaigns: One beginning March 1st and one beginning April 1st.


Learning to take pictures! – May 2012

While school is out we want to have something for our children to anticipate.  Camp was a hit last year, as you can see by the pictures.  The children get to come to camp and experience things they have never gotten to do before.  Last year we focused on the arts and did photography, dance, art, and music.  This year we will have those elements as well but we are adding, bike riding, trampoline jumping, and face painting.  We hope these children will have new physical experiences as well as spiritual experiences.  We have 400 children who will be attending camp this May – 4 weeks – 100 children each.  The campaign is going to raise $20,000 in one month!  It is $50 per child for 3 days of camp, transportation, food, accommodations, and all the fun camp supplies.

Ponduru girls in their first uniform – July 2011

Once school starts again, we need to get our children ready for school by providing their uniforms, shoes, school bags, and school supplies.  We will have 500 CCH children in June this year – we are currently bringing in 100 more children into new homes.  This is a $25,000 campaign.

Marturu boys and their first school bags – July 2011





We would like each of you, as faithful followers and supports of CCH, to consider which campaign, if not both, you would be interested in financially supporting.  Three times a year we ask for large amounts of money.  Christmas for December, Camp for May, and School Supplies for June.  These three things bring dignity and bring hope to these children who before CCH had almost nothing.

Every other day, of both of these campaigns, we will be posting a testimony from the children.  They will be sharing either about their time at camp or about their uniforms.  We will include a picture of each child who shares their testimony.  Please be praying along with us that we can reach these children in a way that provides so much joy!  Thank you!

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