Last week went really well.  We played games, told stories, painted, did puzzles, ate together, gave toothbrushes and school bags, and we had lots of fun doing it all!
Here are a few teaser pics of the last week (more details coming next week).

Kuderu girls playing with sidewalk chalk
Konderapalli boys playing with the beach ball
Gummalagunta boys putting together a puzzle

The Kamalapuram boys with their new school bags   

Somavaram Girls
The 2nd half of our trip starts about 3 hours North of Ongole in the district of Krishna.  These girls were a little shy the first time we met them so we will see how they feel now after 5 months of living in the home!  We will arrive just in time for lunch with these girls and then we will have fun in the afternoon!
Choppakatlapuram Girls
When we are finished at Somavaram, we will head North, about an hour, to the Khammam District.  Here we will have dinner with the Choppakatlauram girls!  The last time we were at this home the food was amazing!  These girls are lucky to have a mom that can cook so well!  We will spend the night at this church and have breakfast in the morning with the girls before school!  It will be our first “home stay”, so we are excited!
Punukula Girls
After we go to school with the girls, to pay school fees, we will drive about two hours South, in the same district, to Punukula! These girls have a large play area in the front of their home, which attracts a lot of village children to come over!  I am sure we will have a house full of kids when we take out the beach balls!  We will spend the night at this home and then go to school with the girls in the morning!  Hopefully we don’t have to get up too early!
Saravaram Boys
We will leave the Punukula girls at school and drive about 2 more hours to the Nalgonda District, where we will have lunch with the Saravaram boys!  We love going to all the homes but the boys homes have so much energy and just LOVE the games!  We will see if these boys can handle all the fun we have planed for them! 
Domakonda Girls
We will arrive at the Domakonda home, in the Nazimabad district, around lunch time.  We will be driving from Hyderabad, which is the major metropolitan city in Andhra Pradesh.  Domakonda is about 3 hours north of Hyderabad.  We will spend the day with these girls.  The CCH staff members have met these girls when they opened the home but we have yet to meet them!  It will be a great day of getting to know each other!  
We will spend one more day in Hyderabad before heading back to Ongole, about a 6.5 hour drive.  We are so thankful for our driver!  He is a very safe driver and he is great with the children.  Pray for our safety and our blessed interactions with all these precious blessings from God!  Thanks for your prayer support!  We can feel it over here!

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