Education, in a way, is the gift that keeps on giving.

Each of us can take a step back and look at how education has impacted our life, in some shape or form. Our education has largely impacted certain opportunities in our lives, such as our current employment, the people we know and network with, and our short and long-term goals in life. Studies have found that there is an association between education and better physical and mental health, higher financial income (which probably was more of an obvious finding to you), greater political and social interest, and overall wellbeing. To me, that’s all quite difficult to put a pricetag on.

It costs $1500 to sponsor one college student for an entire year. This pays for everything the student will need – including books, tuition, and housing. Coming from a current college student, that is an amazing figure. Anything you donate towards this project is more than just a donation; it’s an investment. Every dollar that is put towards these students provides another opportunity for the student to learn and grow in their selected field of study.  CCH has students in college for medicine, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and the Indian Police Service (IPS). Where the world saw orphans, CCH saw God’s children. Where the world sees impossibilities, CCH sees God’s hand at work.

You are welcome to making a one-time donation or becoming a monthly sponsor for one of our students. If you feel led to sponsor a student or have any questions, email and we will connect you with the person who will get you all the information on sponsoring a student for college!DSCN0183

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