What a great time of year it is!  The holidays are here and we are so excited to celebrate with our children!  Today is Children’s Day in India – not sure why they don’t have that holiday in the States but here they do!  We had our 2nd Saturday celebration last Saturday and that was so much fun!  We were able to give blankets to all the children, it is winter here you know!  Here is Ravi Teja receiving his blanket!  These blankets are great quality and everyone was so excited to get them! 

Now we are on to thinking about Christmas!  There are so many ways to give this time of year and I would hope that you all would think about giving to one of our CCH children or giving to a whole home.  We have 200 hundred children in 20 homes!

For the girls – Beautiful Dresses
For the boys – Jeans and a collared shirt

When I saw this little girl in this outfit, I told Chinna, a CCH staff member, that I wanted to buy all the girls of CCH homes this dress.  He got a big smile on his face and said, “They will really be happy with that, sister”!  So, here we are, getting ready to purchase the cloth and make each one custom fit.  We had the girls measured by the tailor on Saturday!  

I asked the boys if they wanted jeans or slacks.  They said that jeans are more popular now.  Jeans it is!  We are so excited to get these children a personal gift!  We will be gift wrapping all 200 of the outfits and putting the name of the child on their gift!  They will be so excited!  Needless to say, these types of gifts don’t come their way very often, if ever.
When we asked the home parents what they wanted for Christmas, they all said, electric mixers for the kitchen!  We are very happy to be able to give this to them!  They cook for 12-15 people 3 times daily!  Mixing by hand can be a bit rough! 
Here is what we need from you:
One child – $15 for the dress/jeans
One home – $150 for all ten children (dress/jeans)
One mixer for the home – $60 
Christmas Package (one home) – $210 
One outfit for every child and a mixer
How can you give, you ask?
Use paypal on the right side of the blog home page or
Mail a check to the address on the right side

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