Thanksgiving is a holiday that is almost completely overlooked.  But we at CCH have found that the act of giving thanks has bonded us with our partners, has encouraged us in tough times, and has opened our eyes to all the gifts that we receive from above each day.

Thank You!!!

We know it isn’t Thanksgiving yet, but our hearts are full as we look at all of our 545 kids.

We want to say thanks for the $6 donations for shoes, the $10 donations for school uniforms, the $25 donations for Christmas gifts, the $45 donations for mosquito nets, the $50 donations for Summer Camp, the $160 donations for fences and flowers around the homes, the $200 donations for painting the front of our CCH homes, the $250 donations for sponsoring a CCH home with 5 children, the $500 donations for sponsoring a CCH homes with 10 children, and all the donations of time and prayer and support.  We are so grateful for the partnerships we have with many of you.

Your gifts change lives and those changed lives will change Andhra Pradesh.  Thank you!

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