CCH is having an amazing two weeks with teams and 
home sponsors coming through.  

We had Mark and Kelly Kochner come and visit us.  

With them they brought: ring pops for the girls, fun dip for the boys, legos, play dough, cars for the boys, nail polish for the girls, and so much love for the kids.   Their heart poured out as Mark threw the football with Jeremiah from CVPalem and Kelly was building legos with the Ponduru girls.

Their joy and love and  enthusiasm brought smiles to all our children’s faces! Thanks for coming and thanks to everyone who has donated things to bring for the children of CCH! 
One 8 year old boy, named Chad, without his mother’s prompting, went upstairs and got his toy cars and told his mom he wanted to give them to the boys in India!  So special! Thank you for giving!

Thanks for praying over our boys and girls and loving on them this past week!  You have been a blessing to CCH and we look forward to your next visit!

And another team from New Bridge Church in Olympia, Washington, just got to town yesterday.

They are currently sponsoring 3 of our 20 homes through Warm Blankets!  We are so excited to introduce them to their girls in Somavaram, Choppakatlapalem, and Punukula.  They brought 4 bags of donated things to bless the girls of these homes and so many more!

We took them to Tanguturu today to show them a home that has been running for 3 years.  They brought books, games, and wooden cars to paint.  They are very excited to meet their girls this next week!

Please pray for safe travels as we take this team to visit their girls.  We are so thankful for our supporters and our teams that come to bless the children of CCH!  Thank you for coming and thanks for your support!

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