Summer Camp May 2012
We had such an amazing week last week!  So many new experiences for children and adults.  
100 CCH children + 15 pastors kids + 20 pastors and wives + 9 teachers + 8 staff = a whole lot of fun!!
Here are the pics to prove it!
We had 9 classes for each group to experience over the 3 days!  Our groups were 12 children and each group name was a Fruit of the Spirit!  They loved each class and each class brought a new experience!
Badminton Class

Dance Class

Percussion Class

Games Class

Piano Lessons

Photography Class

Painting Class

Voice Lessons

Volleyball Class

Along with the classes there were other activities!  Exercise each morning, worship, free time activities, Bible reading, snacks, food and so much more!  Here are a few pics to show the other parts of camp!
Free Time Bead Class

Morning Bible Reading and Lesson

Amazing food

Morning exercise and stretching

Snacks – Mangos!!

Puppet Show each morning

Beautiful worship with flags

Pillows were a camp gift
I hope you enjoy the pics and can see some of the joy experienced here at camp!  We know you can’t visit but we want all of you to experience as much as you can!  Thank you all who sponsored children, who sent supplies, who prayed, and who came to help (Thanks Holly!!).  
We have another camp this coming week and we still need some child sponsors.  
Please think about helping one child go to camp.  It is $55 per child.  
It is such an amazing experience for each person!

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