After the Father’s Conference, Sean’s week wasn’t over.  He met with our staff all day on Saturday.  He spent time sharing the vision and dream of CCH and how they are each a vital part in the future.  We hope to be continually building into and training our staff to become all that God has for them.  And we hope to continually be adding people to CCH staff as we grow and have more need.

Chicken Biryani at Ramya with the staff
CCH Current Staff Members







Please pray and see if you are interested in coming to volunteer for CCH and help us expand and train our staff.  As we pour into our staff, they are prepared to make sure the children have the most care they need.

On Sunday, after church, Sean met with all our student leaders.  We added 6 more CCH leaders this year to bring us to a total of 31!  We are thrilled to be raising up these children to be leaders in their homes, in their churches and in their communities.   We are building into them servant leadership and humility and how that looks in India.

There is always food at meetings!
Sean with some of the boys
girl leaders
Sean with some of the girls








Are you interested in coming to visit and helping us pour into these kids the love and acceptance and vision the Father in Heaven has given all of us?  We are interested in having you!  Let us know by emailing us at



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