What if changing the world was easy? What if making an impact was made simpler? I don’t know about you, but all too often I get discouraged because of my lack of time or lack of resources. But what I love about Kingdom work is that it’s not about me, and it really is all about Jesus

The Co-Directors of Development for CCH have this amazing gift of bringing simplicity to solutions that make a significant impact. Over four months ago, Paige started working with an organization called Harness to create an app to help us fundraise for our world-changing college kids. The model of Harness is brilliant: your change is rounded up on purchases you make and that change is automatically donated to CCH! You’re able to choose a maximum monthly amount starting at $10. 

For example, when you swipe your card for your favorite Starbucks iced mocha and it costs $4.50, 50 cents would go directly to CCH. When you hit your monthly maximum, Harness stops rounding up the change from your purchases. 

Studies show that the average American has $56 lying around their house.. that’s money we don’t even notice we have. What if we decided to spend something as simple as change on something significant? 

Signing up takes less than a minute. I encourage you to check out the site below and consider making an impactful yet simple commitment to our CCH kids’ college educations! 


Cents of Purpose

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