Childhood education in the United States is mandatory, generally enforced and toleration-by-necessity is the attitude among most young kids who are asked to attend on a daily basis, Monday through Friday.  Their counterparts in India, however, know that a child attending school means, quite simply, their life will be better because of it.

And a school uniform in India is the outer expression of this reality of education.

Punukula with team 2

American children, when given the choice, would rather not have their attire mandated by their school. In India a school uniform means:

  1. You have the money to afford it (i.e., you are not desperate).
  2. Your future has possibility.
  3. Your family loves you.
  4. Your life may have a purpose.
  5. You have dignity and a place in society.

Pachava Home recent group picture (7)

All this from a simple school uniform? Yes, because in India education is a privilege with immediate and future benefits clear for all to see.

Join us in helping give hundreds of orphaned or abandoned children dignity and a place in society by sponsoring a school uniform for one child ($50) or a whole home of children ($250).

Donate here to give a child dignity!

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