SN Padu
Last year in their new uniforms!

Our CCH School Supplies Campaign is underway!

We already have 100 children sponsored!

This year our children will get:

2 Colored Uniforms

1 White Uniform (worn or Saturdays at school)

1 Pair of Black Shoes

1 Pair of White Shoes (worn on Saturdays at school)

2 pairs of colored socks to match uniform

1 pair of white socks

School Bag

Pens, Pencils, Chalk, Sharpener, and an Eraser

It is only $35 per child this year.  The more children we have the greater discounts we get.  We will give these uniforms when school starts in June.  These uniforms are made to fit each child – stitched just for them.  It provides so much dignity for these children as they all attend private schools.  It takes time to make 550 uniforms, so we are starting now to raise funds!  Are you interested in buying one child or five children or ten children their school supplies?

Last year receiving their shoes and school bags!

We would love you to give!

You will get a picture with the name of the child(ren) that you sponsor.

Joy and Satisfaction that you gave a tangible gift of dignity to a young CCH child.

Connection to CCH and the awesome things that are happening here in India!

Click this link to give: School Supplies

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