This is Santhi.  CCH staff talked with a few pastors and asked some testimonies from them.  The Narsimgolu pastor shared Santhi’s story with us.

“Both of her parents have died and she used to live with her sisters.They are from a Hindu background.  Santhi’s sisters used to make food for her sometimes and then she would just watch TV.  She didn’t really do anything else.  She never went to school.  Then she came to CCH.  She didn’t want to study at first.  Most people in the village thought that she was crazy.  My wife and I decided that through love we wanted to change her.  Two years later she is ranked 1st in her class and she loves Jesus.”
– Pastor Nathaniel

Narsimgolu Girls

This summer Santhi and her CCH sisters get to go to camp.  Last Saturday, CCH had their 2nd Saturday Celebration and we talked more about camp!  Each home will have a room to stay in at camp and so each home made a sign for their door.  All the signs have the home name, all the children’s names, and their Pastor’s family names.  This sign will be welcoming them into their room at camp!

CV Palem Boys

At Summer Camp 2012 these children will be studying the Fruit of the Spirit.
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 
gentleness and self-control.”  

SN Padu Girls

They will have 9 workshops to go to – 3 per day – including:
Painting – mixing paint, different brushes
Dance – an expression of worship
Photography – zoom, flash, framing a shot
Drums – symbols, tamborines, bells

Tanguturu Boys
Keyboard – the scale, learn a simple song
Voice – English songs, singing lessons
Volleyball – outside fun
Badminton – a game for all ages
Races – working off some energy

We hope this camp draws the children into a deeper relationship with Jesus and helps them better understand His love for them.  Camp is something these children have never experienced before and so our goal is to make them feel comfortable and have so much fun with the staff and with each other!
We have 6 of our 20 homes sponsored!  That is 60 kids!  YEAH!!!  We need 140 more kids to be sponsored for Summer Camp!  Each child is $55.  This includes transportation, food, lodging, supplies, and all the fun that comes along with camp!  

There is another way you could give!  We’re all on to our second or third digital point and shoot camera by now, right?  What about your older one(s)?  Does it still work?  Well, send it to India and help us teach our children about photography at summer camp next month.  We will be teaching the basics of photography from focus to zoom to proper selection of subjects, but we need useful equipment.  We’re on the hunt for eight old, but still working digital cameras.  If you’re interested, we have a Stateside address to which you can send your camera.  Thanks for your help!

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