1.  What do you remember from your life before coming to the CCH home?

My name is Samuel and I am studying 3rd class.
Before I come to the CCH home I use to study in Government Hostel, but I never go to the school and I use to play in the streets.  I use to speak very bad at the other children.  They use to gave us insect food for us, after we are eating that food, we use to get stomach pain.  No one will care for me.  I always use to think about my life, why God gave me this problem.  I feel some time to run way from there.  I was full of confusion in my life.
2.  What is the best part about living in a CCH home?
I came to the CCH home through my church pastor.  When I joined in a CCH home I really feel so happy, you know why? When my father was died no one was to pay for me to study.   My mother always use to think about me.  When I see her I feel so sad, but my pastor helped me a lot.  I stopped my bad words and I started to speak about Jesus.  I am so happy now.  I so thankful providing me every thing and studying too.
3.  If you were going to describe God to your class, what three words would you use to describe God?
  • Believe God, you may receive Jesus,
  • God is great.  Pray to him.
  • Love the Jesus then you may love the others
4.  In ten years, how old will you be? What do you want your life to be like to at that time?
After ten years I may get 21 years old, and I just want to see in my life is very beautiful.  I want to become a pastor that I may help, those who struggling like me.  I just want to comfort them.

These are the Marturu boys!  They love to draw and these are their water color paintings! 
They also love their picture to be taken!  The pastor and his wife have 2 sons of their own and they have taken in 10 boys to raise!  Please pray for the pastor’s wife – 12 boys plus a husband to care for – she has her hands full!


Here is a picture of Samuel at the beach!  These boys live 2 hours from the beach and none of them had ever been to the beach before!  The pastor and his wife, too, had never been to the beach!  It was a great day for everyone!

These boys are studying hard.  Some of them really struggle with school because before moving into the CCH home their education had been interrupted.  They have learning gaps.  Please pray that we can help them with these gaps and that the Lord can give them supernatural wisdom in these areas.

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