Kondervarapalli was opened in 2011.  It is located in the Kadapah District.

Home Update:

The boys eagerly participate in worship services and family devotions. They are very happy to be at CCH and are studying well in school.

General Sponsorship:

konduvaripalli-october-group-picture-4-300x225Kondervarapalli is NOT SPONSORED.  To learn more about these boys and how to sponsor them for food and education, please contact us:  cch@icmin.org

Supplemental Sponsorship:

Giving these boys the joy of a Christmas gift (often their first ever “gift” – $25/child) or sending them to the Covenant Children’s Homes summer camp ($50/child) experience are all considered “supplemental” ways to give and not covered in the basic home sponsorship.  These boys are NOT SPONSORED for these things.  If you are interested, click on the respective links above.

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