Gummalagunta was opened in 2011.  It is located in the Anantapuram District.

Home Update:

The CCH pastor is proud of these children! They are doing well in school, participating in worship, and helping with household activities. Ranjith Kumar is a great older brother and helps the younger boys get ready in the morning and do their school work. Paramesh excels in sports and received the prize in Carom Competitions at school.

General Sponsorship:

Gummalagunta is NOT SPONSORED for this year. If you’re interested in sponsoring this home, please contact us!

gummalagunta-september-month-group-picture-3Supplemental Sponsorship:

Giving these boys the joy of a Christmas gift (often their first ever “gift” – $25/child) or sending them to the Covenant Children’s Homes summer camp ($50/child) experience are all considered “supplemental” ways to give and not covered in the basic home sponsorship.  These boys are NOT SPONSORED for these things.  If you are interested, click on the respective links above.

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