Home Sponsorship (5 Children)


The Home Sponsorship is the most necessary and general sponsorship needed for each of these homes.  For $250-per-month, five children’s food and private English school tuition fees are covered, which are obviously the basic building blocks to growing up healthy and learning their way out of poverty.

Homes that still need basic sponsorship:

Aloor | Makthal | Mundlamuru | Lankojanapalli

For more information, please contact Sean Whiting at



Individuals, churches or organizations are welcome to sponsor a home and will receive regular and frequent updates on the progress of “their” home and children. To participate from afar or near (visits are encouraged and welcomed) in the life and growth of an entire home of boys or girls is a powerful and meaningful way to contribute to what God is doing in the far reaches of the world.

Home Sponsorship (5 children):  $250/month – food and English education fees

Partnership Information:

If you, your church or organization is moved by the hope for these children and would like to consider a financial contribution, please partner with us in supporting His work in India.

Gifts to CCH from within the United States can be sent to the 501c3 nonprofit support organization below:

U.S. Mail and Support:
Checks made out to “India Christian Ministries” with a designation for CCH
PO Box 3925
Dana Point, CA 92629 USA
(949) 248-1484

For alternate methods of donating, or for international gifts please e-mail: