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Getting CCH up and running at full speed with the two main goals of:

1)   1,000 children fully sponsored living in our church children’s homes by late 2016 (550 now) – just a launching point for CCH.

2)   An indigenous staff established that can run the operations of this program.


This year, however, we are not growing.

We’re expanding.

What’s the difference?

A foundation committed to best practices in orphan care in India has recently approached us about a one-year project.  This undertaking is about sharing our progressive model of children’s home orphan care (as opposed to institutional orphanages) with leaders, schools and children’s ministry or advocacy groups outside of our umbrella organization of India Christian Ministries.

Everything we have done is within our parent organization, India Christian Ministries, or “ICM.”  Now we are charged with helping those outside of ICM adopt this model.


It will not cost us anything as this project is fully funded, but it will take some time to spread the word, train others and oversee the implementation.  All of us here at CCH and ICM agree that for more and more children to be taken in under this kind of model, it’s worth all the extra effort.

Expanding, not growing.

And, phew, in 2015 it will be a lot of both.

with pastor's kids


Ultimately, it’s not about us, our organizations or any foundations or partners or supporters.

In the end, God is focused on the children.  We must strive to maintain that perspective, as well.

To give for school supplies, click the link!

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