These are the newest faces of Covenant Children’s Homes.
These homes were open May 2011.

We are in the process of getting all these children their school uniforms, school shoes and school bags.

The bags are $5 each or $50 per home.

The uniforms are $6 each or $60 per home.
The shoes are also $6 each or $60 per home.  
So, you could sponsor a child for $17 or a home for $170!  
Or you could sponsor a home for bags for $50.
Or a home for uniforms for $60.
Or for shoes for $60.
We have sponsors for 5 of our homes totally covered already!
But 6 more homes need sponsors.
Our CCH staff will be visiting these children 
and their schools in October. 
The estimate cost for the 2 week trip is $1,000.
 This money will cover transportation, food, and living arrangements for the 2 weeks.
It is about $75 per day.  Can you sponsor a day?
We are very excited to visit these children and get to know them a little better.
Then be able to share their stories with all of you!

The school bags will be delivered during this trip!  The children are so excited to receive them!

If you would like to help sponsor any of these needs, 
please donate using the PayPal button on the Home page!  

The children are so thankful to you for your support!  

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