img_0883-225x300One day, somewhere around our second camp, I am wandering around trying to rally a few of the girls to head upstairs for the afternoon activity. I pop my head out the side door to find a friendly little buffalo. He was tied up next to wear the kids wash their clothes and toss trash. He is a little guy and it is the first buffalo I have seen up close. So naturally I think he is adorable and I have one of the little girls by my side go take a picture with him. She seems reluctant to touch him. She knows his fate.

img_0882-225x300Later that night I am speaking with Chinna and he asked if I saw the buffalo outside today. “I did, who does he belong to?” I am then informed that cute little buffalo will be our special lunch on the last week of camp. Ordinarily our meals at camp are chicken and eggs, they really try to give the kids as much protein as possible. But Chinna got the buffalo on a good deal and he is going to fatten it up for two weeks and then serve it up.

That is the story of how I ate my first buffalo friend.

-Amber Kesgard

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