Welcome back to Sponsorship September with CCH!
Each of our children have a unique story and a unique way that God is/will be using them. We love and are so often inspired by our children, and think you will be too. It’s my honor to introduce you to Ajay, the oldest boy from the Modugalapalem church-based home. (Pictured above, back row, in the middle).


Ajay is 15, currently in 9th grade, and lives with 9 other boys in the Modugalapalem home. I can say with confidence that Ajay is on a much better path than he was a few years ago.

Ajay lost both of his parents and became orphaned by the time he was 12, resulting in him and his brother being sent to live with his uncle. Their uncle did not have the means to care for the two boys, to the point that Ajay and his brother were often having to take care of themselves. Ajay had many issues with acting out at school and truancy while in the care of his uncle. He was angry, frustrated, and behaving defiantly.

Ajay is doing very well at the best college preparatory school in his area. Ajay’s pastor (Pastor Ravi) also ensures that Ajay learns responsibility by helping around the home and gets the proper nutrition that a teenage boy needs.

Pastor Ravi works with Ajay to include daily personal devotions and worship, while helping Ajay heal from the tragedies and deep hurts he experienced during his childhood. Discipleship is instilled into Ajay as he learns how to become a leader and follower of Jesus.

ajay1Ajay’s favorite subject in school is math and his goal is to attend University and, one day, sponsor a CCH home. Ajay tells us that he believes his life is so much better now than it was before. Ajay also shared this with us:

I came from a Hindu family, though my uncle is Christian. The biggest difference is losing the fear that marks Hindu’s belief. One night I had a dream and felt that somebody touched my heart. When He touched my heart, I had no more fear like the Hindu’s.” Ajay believes it was God’s Spirit who touched his heart.

If you’re interested in more information about sponsoring a home with children like Ajay, click here. If you have questions or would like more information, please e-mail cchblogger@icmin.org and I’ll make sure to connect you with the right person!

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