Bunk beds just arriving

Sleeping on a mat is not ideal for our children.  When they were living with their relatives, before living in the CCH home, they slept on the ground and it usually wasn’t cemented.  Often times in the villages, the floors of the homes are made out of mud.  On a mat they slept and often water would come in from the rains and bugs would crawl over them and the worst of all is that snakes would come into their homes.

When they come to CCH, the first few months there is just the minor improvement of a front door that is locked and tightly shut so that no snakes can come in and the flooring is cement.  Then they get bunk beds with plywood and they are thrilled to be off the ground.  Here are the boys of Thimmapuram on their new bunk beds.

Blankets and pillows

At camp this year we had someone donate money for the children to receive blankets.  It is strange to think of needing blankets in India but it does dip into the 70’s during winter and when you are used to the 100+F, 70’s are cold.  Here are the Peddavaram boys in their beds after they got their blankets!


Adithya and Joshua with their blankets and mattresses




Here are the NTR Colony boys in their bunk beds, with blankets and mattresses.  They were so excited to receive the mattresses and their smiles were like this for the hours of setting up their new beds.

You can help bring these smiles to 70 children by giving me a $35 birthday gift.  The goal is $3,500 in 35 days for my 35th birthday!

If you want to give me the best birthday present, please click the link below!  Let’s get all the children off the ground and into beds!  We have $825 so far in the first 5 days!  Only $2,675 left to raise in 30 days!  We can do it!

Mats to Mattresses

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