Letters, notes, and packages have a few things that all people love.

Naveen’s first-ever wrapped and name tagged gift!

1.  They have our name – This means that someone knows our name and if they are writing a letter to us, they probably know us well.

2.  They take time – It takes time to write a letter, to put it in the mail or hand deliver it.  It takes time to shop for a package and then wrap it and send it.

3.  They bring joy – Receiving a surprise letter or a surprise package brings joy and love and excitement.

Durga, Megamala, Anitha, Radika, and me!

These 3 things, and their are more for sure, make people feel known.  And being known is something that every person desires.  When I first got here and I went to visit the children in their homes, they would ask me every time , “What is my name?”  I was about 50% right but by 6 months of being here, and seeing the children maybe 3 times per month, I knew all their names. When I got it right, their faces lit up because I knew who they were!  And now, not only do I know their name but I know some of their strengths and weaknesses and I am able to speak life into the children by name.

If you know me, you know my heart is for these kids and there is nothing more in this world that I want than these kids to know they are loved.  My birthday wish is to give these children bunk beds.  And in order to do that, I need all of you to give a gift to me for the children.

Birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and any kind of gifts, when given, give the receiver a sense of being known.  During this holiday, gift-giving season, remember to wrap the gift and put the name tag on it knowing that you are bringing joy and life when you give and send a gift.My goal $3,500 in 35 days because I am turning 35.

We have already raised $825 in 4 days!  31 more days to go!  We can totally do this!

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