I know that this is a birthday campaign but because my birthday is at the beginning of January, I always have to share it with Christmas.  And this is something I have always been upset about.

Celebrating Dianne’s birthday last year

The holiday’s go like this:

Christmas: Tuesday, December 25th

New Year’s: Tuesday, January 1st

Paige’s Birthday: Tuesday, January 8th

Two weeks after Christmas, one week after New Year’s and then my birthday, always sharing my birthday.  Then, I married into the Whitings…Sean’s mom’s birthday is December 20th and Sean’s dad’s birthday is December 22nd.  This took away all my complaining power and now I just let it be, most of the time.

Since I share birthday with Christmas anyways, I thought I would share this video is of our CCH kids receiving their very first wrapped Christmas gift.  It is so sweet to watch them not really know what to do with the package.  I hope you enjoy!

These are the same kids that will be sleeping in bunk beds on mattresses by January 8th if our goal is met!

Turning 35 years old, raising $3,500 in 35 days!  We already have $325!  YAY!!

Christmas Gifts 2012 from Covenant Children’s Homes on Vimeo.




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