We did it!  We reached our goal and surpassed it!  All 400 of our CCH children will be sleeping on bunk beds with mattresses!  Yay!!!  $3,670 in 26 days!  You guys are amazing!  These are 24 pictures of the 28 faces who helped complete this campaign.  There are still 8 days until my birthday, we can’t stop now just because a simple goal has been reached…..

Alicia April Baird's Billy Cara Carrie Cheryl Dianne Drakes Evelyn Heather Jamie Jas JEss and Paul Jock Judy Julia Kim Lisa and Knowlton Lisa Megan Sean and Kelly ShannonTodd

…If you were still thinking about making a donation, my birthday is not until January 8th and it isn’t even 2013 yet.  Check back tomorrow to see how we will continue this campaign until my birthday!

Today we take time to celebrate the goal being surpassed!  Thanks for all who are making my birthday extra special this year!

CCH children and I say, “Thank you”!

Thank you for making this dream come true!  Look for tomorrow’s blog – we will finish these 35 days strong!

Click this link to donate: Mats to Mattresses

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