I can’t believe 26 days have already passed.  This campaign has encouraged me so much and I believe this will be a birthday to remember forever.

Some of the girls that have captured my heart – CCH Pernamitta Home

I have a few other birthday memories that I’ll share with you over the next couple of days but the true reason I am doing this campaign for my birthday is because I truly love these kids. They have captured my heart and I would give them the moon if they asked (I would at least try!)  You are helping me show love to these kids, helping me to bring dignity into the home, and helping them get the best possible sleep.  As one of my friends said about this campaign, “Sometimes I think most of the world’s problems could be solved if we all got a decent night’s sleep”.  Sleep, a good sleep, allows the children to grow properly, prepares them to be alert at school, and keeps them healthy.  A bed and a mattress are much more important than just comfort, but comfort is good too!

Me and Betsy July 2008

When I was about 11 years old, I had my first sleepover.  I don’t remember everyone who was there but I remember some of the activities my mom planned for me and my friends.  We each got a wooden doll to paint.  My mom prepared paper plates with all the colors of the rainbow, paper cups half-filled with water to clean our brushes, and different sizes of paint brushes.  We all got to decorate our wooden doll just the way we wanted to.  Thanks, mom for thinking of all the details.  The other thing I remember from this birthday party was that my cousin, Betsy, was there and we slept together that night in my bed.  She had a broken arm and in the middle of the night, whacked me in the head with the cast while she was sleeping.  I got a bump on my head from it.  I also remember some fighting going on with some of my friends, girls will be girls.  But when we woke up and had breakfast, we were all best buddies again.

I am blessed to have these memories of birthday  parties.  I hope that when our CCH children grow up they have special memories of receiving uniforms, school bags, bunk beds with mattresses, and Christmas gifts.  My prayer is that they grow up knowing how much they are loved and knowing that they were created for a purpose.   I believe that campaigns like this give these children the memories like we have.  Help me give these children the memory of receiving their beds and mattresses this year.

Only 9 more days until my birthday!  Which means we have 9 days to raise $870!  We can totally do it!

Mats to Mattresses


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