I hope that your Christmas was full of Joy!  There is so much to feel joyful about, especially around this time of year. CCH had amazing Christmas celebrations in their villages and our children were full of joy all week long.

Candle Lighting and Cake Cutting

Sean and I got to go to one of our CCH homes for their village Christmas Celebration.  It was so special to be a part of it. About 150 people at the church to celebrate and the decorations were great.

Chanting – “Happy Happy Christmas”, “Merry Merry Christmas”!




There was so much celebration and joy while singing Christmas songs and being together as a community.  The children sang some songs and recited Bible verses and a pastor shared the Christmas story.  It was a blessed event and when it was finished, at 10:30pm, we ate dinner together – all 150 of us.

Tables were quickly set up and plates were distributed and all ate a special Christmas chicken dinner.  I asked who paid for all the food.  Chinna said that they all brought some piece of the meal.  Some poor people brought 1 kg of rice while others brought 10 kgs.  Some people brought the chicken and some who couldn’t help financially came early and helped prepare the food.  It was a true community effort and joy was experienced by all who attended!

Sending up a lantern to finish the celebration

My goal before January 8th is to have all 400 of our CCH children into bunk beds with mattresses.  Our goal is $3,500 in 35 days for my 35th birthday.  We are at $2,030 after 22 days.  We are excited about all that is happening to finish out 2012 strong.  This campaign is part of what we are excited about!  Mattresses are currently being made and we just need money for the bunk beds.  All we need is $1, 470 in 13 days…can we do it?  I think we can!  Join us in making a difference in these kids lives.

Click the link to donate:  Mats to Mattresses

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