This campaign is for my 35th birthday.  And the main goal of this campaign is to raise $3,500 in 35 days for 70 children to move from mats on the ground to mattresses in bunk beds.  Sleeping on the ground is something they are used to, but moving into a home with bunk beds and mattresses makes them feel so loved!  I also wanted to do this campaign to bring more awareness of what Covenant Children’s Homes is all about.  One of CCH’s four core values is dignity.

Us and some of our CCH children at the Christmas party on Friday

As our staff, our fathers, and our children grow in dignity, we believe they will be able to lead the life that they were created for.  Providing bunk beds, mattresses, blankets, school uniforms, shoes, socks, towels, etc. gives these orphaned or abandoned children dignity.  When you give to this campaign and help us reach our goal, you are also helping us bring dignity into these children’s lives.

We were trying to get 100 people to give $35.  So far we have 22 people who have given $35 or more. Can we get to 50/$3,500 people?  To help us reach our goal, click the link below.

Mats to Mattresses


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