We are celebrating Christmas tomorrow with the CCH children who live in Prakasam district.

CCH xmas banner 8x4 -2012 copy

We have 140 children coming tomorrow and, with the pastors and their families and our staff, we are going to have about 200 people at our celebration.  We are so excited!

Celebrations, when shared with this many people, can be full of so much joy!  We are welcoming all the joy possible!

The kids that are within driving distance of our headquarters and coming to the Christmas party, already have their bunk beds and mattresses.  They got theirs last year at this time. They have told us many times that they love their beds.  We are excited to give the bunk beds and mattresses to the 200 new CCH children!

The goal is $3,500 in 35 days for my 35th birthday to get 70 children off the ground on mats and into bunk beds with mattresses!  If you would like to join me in celebrating my birthday this year, click on the link below:

Mats to Mattresses

And one more thing – Happy Birthday to my amazing mother-in-law, Dianne!  I love you and I am so glad to be in your family!  Celebrate today and celebrate the whole year!  Everyone who knows you is blessed by you!  Thank you for being you!

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