Our first cot sample for the project is in!  This is for the CCH home of Thandra.  Let me give you a little insight into working in India…

We have an idea, we raise the money, we contact our pastor with the good news, he finds the place to make/buy the things we raised the money for, we get pictures of a sample (because we can’t go travel to see it due to distance), we write a check, we send a deposit, the work gets started, and when the items are finished we send the balance.


Sometimes it is hard to spend money fast here because it takes such a long time to get the work done right.

Here is Thandra’s sample cot.  There are a few things wrong with it:

1.  The top bunk is too high.  It needs to be lowered about a foot so that once the mattress is on, the kid does not fall out.

2.  There needs to be 3 rods to support the plywood on the bottom of each bed frame

3.  The corners of the cots need to be sanded so that the kids don’t hurt themselves.

Here is another picture of the sample cot.


And here are the boys that will be receiving these cots by the beginning of next week!

Thandra Boys!
Thandra Boys!




The goal: $3,500 in 35 days for my 35th birthday to get 70 children off the ground and into bunk beds with mattresses!

To give me a birthday gift, click the link below:

Mats to Mattresses


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