As I think about Birthdays Past and as I look at Birthdays Present, I can’t help but think about Birthdays Future.

Me at age 3 – c.1981

Birthdays Past: My mom did an amazing job celebrating me and my brothers and sister! I got to choose what I wanted for all the meals of the day and the I got to choose the flavor of birthday cake! I often had birthday parties and my mom was creative with them. We had games, activities, and times of sharing about the year. She would tell me about my actual birthday day and just take time to celebrate me! Birthdays past were great!  And then I reached a certain age, not sure what that age was, it may be different for everyone, when my friends started planning my birthday parties and my mom was no longer involved.  And then I started planning my own birthdays…and that leads us to…

…Birthdays Present – 35!  It is a pretty big year. There was part of me that really wanted to celebrate – go to a hotel, get a nice dinner and feel celebrated. We won’t be going to a hotel, we won’t go out to a nice dinner (because there are only Indian restaurants and I don’t want that for my birthday) but I will feel celebrated!  I will feel celebrated when all our children are sleeping in bunk beds with mattresses!  I will feel celebrated when the children smile at me on my birthday!  Celebrating is best when you are with people you love.  And while I will not be with my best friends, I will be with some of my favorite kids in the world!  It will be a day worth celebrating!

Birthdays Future:  Some  people stop celebrating getting older.  Don’t worry – I will continue to celebrate my birthday!! But I will also be planning birthday celebrations for my children.  I will be teaching them how to celebrate and the importance of celebrating.  I believe that Celebration is a spiritual discipline that we often forget about.   Let’s never forget to celebrate, this year or next or the next!  Let’s always remember the importance of taking the time to stop and remember and celebrate!  My birthday is my favorite day of the year!  I am so glad I was born into such a time as this!

You can celebrate with me by helping me reach my goal of $3,500 in 35 days to celebrate my 35th birthday!

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